2020 Best Of Cool Season

This pansy ranked high for its “many flowers” and yellow color. It was voted high with comments such as “best yellow trailing”, “best yellow with blotch”, “very bright”, “very nice yellow blotch”, and “beautiful yellow”. In addition to flower color, this plant had good overwintering and tidy flowers.

This pansy was ranked great for color combination since it was showy and floriferous. The flowers are large with vibrant color combination of purple and yellow blotch. In addition, this plant was uniform and vigorous. Overall, it was an excellent and unique yellow pansy.

These full and uniform plants were so abundant in bloom that the foliage could barely be seen. Blooms were true to color with vibrant blue and a nice large blotch. The flower color popped at you on very uniform plants.

An “excellent overall’ plant fully decorated in vibrant blue flowers with good vigor and uniform growth. The uniquely blue flowers were a “rich blue color with tiny whiskers” and the blooms covered the entire plant. Throughout the entire cool season trial, Sorbet XP Blue True presented uniform growth and an abundant bloom.

The unique flower and abundant bloom defined this cultivar. The “eye catching” flower is so unique that it was described as appearing to be painted. This petite flower blankets the plant with a “very uniform flower distribution”. The flower color is a “vibrant purple and cream” resembling Mickey Mouse faces. This plant also received praise for its uniform growth habit.

This viola was ranked high for its uniform growth habit, “many flowers”, and “incredible color”. It had a generous display of flowers with “incredible color”. Flower color was not a true blue but an “iridescent” “deep purple”.