2014 Best Of Cool Season

Nothing says “Best Of” like 100% survival through the winter. This Pansy has very bright and high contrasting blue white flowers. The flowers seem to have a blue top and a white bottom that make them very noticeable from across the whole garden.

The first thing that everyone will notice about this Pansy is the profusion of large, attractive flowers. Not only are there many flowers, but the flowers are a bright golden yellow that is sure to catch garden visitor’s eyes. This Pansy had was also very vigorous and displayed a spreading growth habit.

This Pansy seemed to have the largest flowers out of all the Pansys, these large blue flowers made this plant a standout. In addition to the large flowers it was also noted that it had the ‘truest blue flower’. This Pansy also displayed a very uniform and upright growth habit.

This Viola was described as a sturdy, small, uniform plant. The flower color is a very rich combination of deep blue and canary yellow. This color combination gave the plant great contrast, allowing it to become a garden favorite. This Viola was also one that was able to have 100% survival during the winter.

One evaluator described this plant as, “Cute, cute, cute!” and “Perfect for homeowners!” This Viola had a unique flower color combination of deep purple, purple, and white. The plants were very uniform in growth habit and each plant was just blanketed in flowers.

This Viola seemed to have to most intense yellow flower color. The yellow flowers had a golden yellow throat that made it standout even more. All of the flowers were displayed perfectly on top of the foliage of the plant. It was also noted that this Viola was a great, sturdy plant.