2011 "Top Performer" Perennial

This floriferous, compact coneflower is a sport of the very popular 'Kim's Knee High'. Growth habit and flowering is very uniform. Its unique flowers open bright pink but mature to an antique shade and lasted for a long season of bloom. Planted in 2009.

Strong burgundy stems support lasting tubular lavender flowers with shades of white that contrast excellently with dark green foliage. It made an impressive display of flowers while growing in a low water area. Planted in 2009.

This variety had prolific flowering that was a dazzling display of red tubular flowers on long stems. This impressive variety looked good early in the season and the plants had a vigorous and uniform growth habit. Planted in 2009.

The entire ‘Buzz’ series was noted for continual blooming throughout the summer and the compact plants which were about 36”x36”. The range of colors (Blue Violet, Ivory, Pink Purple, Violet and Magenta) was impressive but judges commented that ‘Buzz™ Magenta’ was the most unusual and striking. It was noted that there were no seedlings and didn’t seem invasive. Bred by Thompson & Morgan. Planted in 2010.

Vibrant pink flower spikes are abundant and make a very attractive display. It is an easy to grow perennial with clean green foliage. It was noted for being a good plant for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Deadhead for rebloom. Planted in 2010.

Floriferous and long lasting blooms provide impressive display of color. Bright pink flowers were 3-4” across and were very showy. Another attractive feature was the compact growth habit (height: 1-2’, width: 2’). Planted in 2010.

Bright yellow flowers were prolific with a long period of bloom. Blooms were double with 2-3 rows of petals. Evaluators were also impressed that plants had strong stems which didn’t flop despite overhead irrigation. This tall, clump forming perennial would be a good choice for a sunny border. It was bred by Pieter Damen in Hillegom, The Netherlands. Planted 2010.

Flowering is robust from early July to early October and the showy blooms have overlapping, pure white petals. Plants were impressive with exceptional dark green foliage and uniform growth habit. It was bred by Jan Verschoor, Holland. Planted in 2010.