2010 "Top Performer" Perennial

This compact windflower forms a neat mound and offers exceptional late season color. Flowers are a delicate pink blended with white and with prominent gold stamens. Perfect for a lightly shaded border, or even containers. Prefers moist but well drained sites. Planted in 2008.

This variety had exceptional vigor and strong blooming. Sturdy stalks supported vibrant red-orange blooms to create a spectacular show. Planted in 2008.

The vigorous habit of this plant prevailed in both sun and shade trial locations. Attractive, large blooms emerged slightly later in the season than 'Summer Storm'. Planted in 2008.

A standout variety with attractive dissected foliage emerging dark purple and then maturing to green. This vigorous plant also exhibited good flowering in both sun and shade trials. Planted in 2008.

This floriferous, compact coneflower is a sport of the very popular 'Kim's Knee High'. Growth habit and flowering is very uniform. Its unique flowers open bright pink but mature to an antique shade and lasted for a long season of bloom. Planted in 2009.

Strong burgundy stems support lasting tubular lavender flowers with shades of white that contrast excellently with dark green foliage. It made an impressive display of flowers while growing in a low water area. Planted in 2009.

This variety had prolific flowering that was a dazzling display of red tubular flowers on long stems. This impressive variety looked good early in the season and the plants had a vigorous and uniform growth habit. Planted in 2009.