2010 Best Of Cool Season

This was the best true blue in trial and it bloomed early with large blue flowers with yellow eyes and relatively short stems. Flowers lasted well into May; however flower color did fade some with age. This variety also ranked highest in our 2008-09 trials.

It was voted best white pansy in trial with excellent faces and nice large blotches. The flowers were very large and had continual bloom late into spring.

Plants were very uniform in growth habit with very even coloring between the orange and purple. The flowers were large and uniform in size and continued flowering well into May.

It started flowering very early with large deep golden color flowers on very full plants giving a very strong color impact for a long period of time.

These flowers were large with a nice combination of purple and white and were very floriferous.

The flowers were a nice rich blue with subtle shading and were very abundant. The growth habit was very uniform that grew into full plants which resulted in strong color impact.

The flowers were larger for a viola giving a strong lavender color impact. Many evaluators stated it would create a 'Wow' effect in a landscape. The plants were very full and had many flowers with almost an electric color.

The bloom time was a little later than the other violas in the trial. Plants had a very good growth habit and flowers had a lovely romantic purple color, however the picotee effect was not clearly visible on the flowers.

This viola resulted in good flower coverage with a very strong color impact. The contrasting flower colors resulted in a great flower color combination.

The flowers were a good clear blue creating a nice overall flower display. The flowers were smaller than the previous listed violas and a little more hidden by the foliage.