2009 Best Of Cool Season

Flowers had a rich orange color with strong blooming early in the Spring. Excellent winter survival was an important factor in creating a very uniform appearance.

This variety was a winner due to the abundant, bright yellow flowers. Large flowers and vibrant color created a strong show with great overall uniformity.

Flowers were a deep, velvety dark red with a dark blotch that created a very unique appearance. The large, abundant flowers would be a perfect choice to create a mood of autumn colors.

Prolific flowering created a tight blue canopy over healthy green plants. Blooms were noted for exceptional blue color. Flowers were large with relatively short stems.

Plants had excellent winter survival plus great flowering but possibly the quality that caught the evaluators attention was the unusual flower coloring. Flowers had a unique color combination that included rose, lavender, yellow and white. The coloring wasn’t very uniform but that seemed to add to the overall beauty.

This variety captured attention with abundant flowers that created a bright yellow dome and a virtually perfect growth habit. Overall uniformity was excellent. The prolific flowers also featured a very attractive “whisker” pattern that added to the overall appeal.

Selected for great coloring and excellent uniformity. Flowers had an unique shade of blue combined with yellow that seemed to glow. Plants had excellent vigor which was very controlled and created a very impressive overall appearance.