Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide education, research and outreach to students, community members, industry professionals and anyone else with a desire to learn.


The outdoor display and test areas at the Annual Flower Trial Garden were established to allow students, researchers, industry representatives, homeowners and extension personnel to learn, teach and evaluate through horticultural research and demonstration projects conducted in the unique environmental conditions of the Rocky Mountain/High Plains region.

Garden Hours and Season

The garden is open daily to the public, free of charge.

The entire garden is planted with annuals from late May through October. Pansies are planted in the fall and are on display through early spring. The perennial trials are displayed year round across the street in front of the Center for the Arts.

You are encouraged to visit and take note of the new varieties being grown and to observe and study the different growth habits, tolerances and visual characteristics of the many different varieties that have been put on display.

Please respect our garden and our research efforts

Do not pick the flowers or remove any plant material from the garden. Keep children and pets out of the flower beds.

Click Here for live view of the Annual Flower Trial
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